A plan for all business environments.

We work with you to supply you with everything you need to get started fast. Luboo offers both upfront purchase with a monthly fee, or as a revenue share.


Give Luboo a try with our Light plan. Luboo Light offers your business Luboo's core features - help your visitors keep track of the their loved ones.
  • Luboo trackers
  • Luboo charging stations
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  • Luboo app


Boost your business with the Luboo Pro plan. All the benefits of the Luboo Light plan, plus access to the Luboo dashboard & custom Luboo map, giving you invaluable behavioral insights.
  • Luboo trackers
  • Luboo charging station
  • Luboo app
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  • Luboo dashboard
  • Custom venue map
  • White-labeling

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Dan & Amanda
Proud parents of two boys
It worked really well and we're happy with it and would rent again!

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We work with your business environment to supply you with Luboo locators to make sure you can provide your visitors with simple and fast onboarding and a great anxiety-free experience.