It’s been a hard time, and we’re here to help. Let Luboo help you reopen safely. 

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safe & happy.

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Luboo is a state-of-the-art visitor safety platform, offering comfortable, lightweight, waterproof, GPS wristbands, mobile app and behavioral visitor insights, which allows your business to offer the promise of safety and peace of mind.

For theme parks, attractions & zoos to improve visitor safety.

For aged care facilities to keep residents safe.

For schools to keep students together on field trips & camps.

For outdoor venues & malls to find loved ones.

What is Luboo?

Best-in-class tracking
Visitors can locate loved ones in real-time, saving staff costs and giving your visitors a stress free visit.
Site-specific custom maps
Add notifications, highlight points of interest and give safety messaging to your visitors.
Behavioral insights
Use behavioral analytics to understand your visitors and optimize your business.

How Luboo works.

For you

  • 1
    Order your Luboo locators on the Get started page.
  • 2
    Offer Luboo locators to your visitors on your website.
  • 3
    Start earning revenue and enhancing your visitors' experience.

For your visitors

  • 1
    Let them preorder a Luboo locator on your website.
  • 2
    Have them pick up a Luboo locator at entry.
  • 3
    Ensure your visitors have a stress-free day.

What can Luboo do?

Increase revenue
Reopen safely and stay open by unlocking additional revenue streams by renting Luboo locators to your visitors.
Save costs
Save staff resources spent on finding temporarily lost visitors.
Visitor uplift
Give your visitors a safe & happy experience and make data-led improvements to your environment.

Try Luboo today.

We work with your business environment to supply you with Luboo locators to make sure you can provide your visitors with simple and fast onboarding and a great anxiety-free experience.