Luboo for Venues

Luboo is a perfect adition to any venue or events ecosystem. By leveraging Luboo, your venue or event can improve the customer experience, save time and resources and even improve cross season profitability.

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Giving your guests the best experience is what brings them back.

Not only does Luboo ensure that your guests will have a positive experience with you but it will also give you an additional revenue source and valuable data about your young guest movements.

No set up costs and an easy to use management tool on Luboo's mobile app, Luboo is the way of the future for venues and events who host young children.

Luboo can integrate with current venue apps and the wristband is customizable for a branded and tailored experience at your venue. Simply, on-board your guests online and let them pick up a wristband at guest services. It's that easy!

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Reduce Anxiety

For a small rental cost, Luboo brings peace of mind to your guests, alleviating anxiety in parents and caregivers of young children

Locating children saves you time!

Luboo provides site specific maps on its mobile app. Meaning parents can find their child, fast!

Private & Safe

Luboo's unintrusive approach to child finding means a guest does not have to worry about their, or their child's personal information.

Comfortable & Fun

A comfortable and themepark safe wristband that's just as easy to wear as it is to put on, waterproof and g-force resistent for those roller coasters!


Improve your venues and events services with data about your young guests.

Luboo provides a venue or event with data about where their young guests go, their dwell times, path trajectories and more, as well as providing other relevant statistics about this young guest population (and their parents and caregivers). Unlike other modes of tracking, Luboo uses GPS to provide movements in real-time.

Luboo provides customized metrics to garner information to help optimize your services. Do all children walk a similar path to a certain destination? Great, time to implement a gift kiosk or water station on that path!


Simple & effective management for wristbands & onboarding.

With Luboo's management kiosk, venues and events can on-board guests in seconds and keep an up to date inventory of the wristbands on site.

Luboo ensures that your venue staff are trained in its easy to use management screens so that your guests move through the guest services kiosk faster!