Luboo for Parents

Luboo is created by parents, for parents. We know first hand the stress involved with taking children to large public places, so we've made it a little bit easier.

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It's simple, let's keep your little ones safe!

Finally there is a solution for parents and caregivers of young children who feel anxious taking their children out to public places with crowds of people. We all know that sinking, terrifying feeling when a child wanders out of sight temporarily - it's gut-wrenching!

Simply register online before you attend a Luboo venue or event, download the Luboo app and then pick up the Luboo tracker at guest services. We understand the chaos of taking young kids to crowded places, so we wanted to make the process as simple as possible!

No need to buy an expensive, complicated, unreliable tracking device when you can just use Luboo for the day at your favorite location.

Reduce Anxiety

Visit any partnered Luboo venue or event with the knowledge and security of locating your child for a small cost

Locating your child!

Luboo provides site specific maps on its mobile app. Meaning parents can find their child, fast!

Private & Safe

Luboo's unintrusive approach to child finding means you don't have to worry about your, or your child's personal information.

Comfortable & Fun

A comfortable and themepark safe GPS tracker that's just as easy to wear as it is to put on.


Luboo is the future of wearables for young children.

Why spend money on a tracking device when you only use it a few times a year at crowded public spaces? Luboo partners with your favorite destinations to bring you peace of mind while attending crowded events so everyone can use a Luboo!

Luboo's wristband has been made to ensure ease of use. Easy to put on a child, but difficult for a young child to take off! Plus a notification if a child takes off the wristband or leaves the venue!


Monitor multiple children, with live updates.

With Luboo's Fast Update mode you can monitor multiple children and get location updates in realtime. With a press of a button Luboo will help you find your child every step of the way.

Say goodbye to confusing maps and buttons, Luboo uses an intuitive map and interface design so finding your child is easy.


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